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Data Center Network Infrastructure

Reliable IT telephony infrastructure solution to enhancing the overall productivity and security of your organization. With advanced features designed to offer more flexibility and control, voice and network solution can ease the burden on limited IT resources, cost and complexity. Turn Data Into Intelligence and Advantage, Accelerate your mission- critical apps, eliminate data silos, and shed all the complexity of legacy infrastructures.

Our network infrastructure services include:

The SAS Network Infrastructure Services team helps clients repair and manage network systems in a more practical and well-organized way. Compile and design secure networks and protect data from cybersecurity attacks.

  • New Office IT Infra Setup
  • Switch and router configuration
  • Network topology design
  • Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Backup and resote
  • Branch and remote office IT integration
  • Data Center IT Infra Settings
  • Network installation & tidying up cables
  • Maintenance & Support

Enterprise Collaboration

In today’s ever challenging and growing business world, a business’s network is the key to success. Our company is dominant in providing Network Infrastructure Services to clients. These services are extensively appreciated by the clients for promptness, timely delivered, trustworthiness, hassle-free management and flexibility.Selecting the right service provider to support your network infrastructure is essential to the success of your business. We take pride in placing network infrastructure solutions for the customer’s needs before all else. We aim to provide the highest quality of support, which our customers have come to expect from us.

Our Corporate Collaboration Services Include:

  • Help clients understand and design their unified communications with the highest possible service level agreements.
  • IP Telephony Office Implementation
  • Storage Virtualization & Implementation
  • Application & Software Integration
  • Providing Servers, Switches, Access Points, Barrier Gates, PC and Laptop
  • Provides parking, hospital, clinic and government applications
  • Maintenance & Support and tidying up cables

IT Service Management

While companies may face plentiful ITSM-related challenges, we can help you to tackle any of them, for instance :


Inefficiency of IT Support across distributed service units – Giving a single view on IT Process and Infrastructure, an ITSM solution will speed up IT support process across a distributed IT environment.

Lack of preventive efforts in service management – By designing & implementing Problem Management and Event Management to help you achieve both high IT service availability and cost effectiveness, also eliminating recurring incidents and monitor your IT infrastructure health.

Failure to manage multiple IT service vendors with different SLAs and overlapping areas of responsibility – Integrating ITSM solution with those of your vendors’ as well as configuring Service Level Management functionality.

Our service management include:

  • Managing IT infra hardware assets
  • Tracking Asset Location
  • Automatic Codification
  • Tracking Asset Status
  • Depreciation Calculation
  • Reporting Convenience

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