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Asset Management System

Facilitating the asset inventory process for the company. Data collection is categorized based on the asset name, asset type, vendor, asset location, and the department responsible for managing the asset.

  • Tracking Asset Location
  • Automatic Codification
  • Tracking Asset Status
  • Depreciation Calculation
  • Reporting Convenience


We provide various hardware needs to support advanced and developing IT needs and have the best quality. supports maintenance and provides faster performance

Our Hardware Include:

  • PC, Notebook, and Printer
  • Server and Storage
  • Switch Network, Routers and Access Point Nas Synology
  • Bariier Gate
  • CCTV

Parking Management System

The use of parking systems in a building is crucial for optimizing parking space utilization, enhancing user experience, improving security, reducing congestion, increasing operational efficiency, and boosting revenue. By adopting the right parking system, a building can gain significant benefits in terms of more efficient space utilization, improved user experience, enhanced security, reduced congestion, better operational efficiency, and increased revenue. Therefore, a parking system is a vital component in successful building management.


Attendance management system, can make it easier for clients to manage employee attendance database systems.

Our Service Include:

  • Fingerprint
  • Cards and Credentials
  • Controller


We also provide a variety of CCTV devices that support your various needs.

The use of CCTV within a company has important benefits which include increased security, loss prevention, employee monitoring, incident handling, access control, evidence support, emergency management, and protection of assets and property. With CCTV, companies can prevent criminal acts, record incidents as evidence, ensure employee compliance, identify causes of incidents, control access, support legal processes, manage emergencies, and protect company assets. Therefore, it is important for companies to consider the use of CCTV as an effective tool for maintaining security, increasing operational efficiency, and protecting their interests.

Digital Signage

We offer electronic display solutions that showcase a sequence of information or messages using electronic display media such as LCD screens, plasma TVs, projectors, or Infocus as the output medium. The displayed messages or information can include images, videos, scrolling text, interactive charts, and attractive graphics. Currently, Digital Signage serves as an advertising medium replacing conventional print media such as posters, brochures, billboards, bulletin boards, and others.


Our videotron offer includes advanced LED screens with superior image quality, vibrant colors, and high brightness.

Our videotron solutions deliver impressive visual impact with stunning visuals, flexibility in displaying various media formats, durability in harsh weather conditions, ease of content management, and customizable options to align with your brand. With our videotron solutions, you can achieve captivating and dynamic displays tailored to your specific needs, whether for outdoor advertising or informative messages indoors.

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